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Prior to 2022, when the national GDP calculation for building construction in Ghana revealed negative growth, the construction industry had consistently made a substantial contribution to the Ghanaian economy.

As the Cedi stabilizes and the economy gradually recovers, we anticipate that building construction firms in Ghana will resume operations in response to the country’s substantial housing demand.

We will analyze the leading building construction companies in Ghana in this article. Be on the lookout for the most reputable construction firms in Ghana, as they are backed by solid expertise and cutting-edge technologies.

What distinguishes these businesses?

Several distinguishing features are shared by the leading building construction companies in Ghana and the finest construction companies in Ghana. These businesses have established a history of successfully completing projects on schedule and within budget, as well as a steadfast dedication to excellence.

Additionally, they prioritize sustainability and the implementation of cutting-edge technology. Lastly, the highly qualified labor forces of these businesses enable them to complete even the most complex construction projects.

Leading Construction Companies in Ghana

In Ghana, a considerable quantity of construction firms are operational. Each possesses unique qualities and deficiencies. Nevertheless, thorough investigation must be conducted prior to selecting a construction firm with which to collaborate. The twenty-five building construction companies listed below are available to assist you with your construction projects in Ghana:

1. Jersola Engineering & Construction Company

In 2017, Jersola Engineering & Construction Limited (JECL) was established. We are a privately held Ghanaian company that has been duly registered in accordance with the legislation of the state of Ghana. In the mining, oil and gas, marine, and power sectors of Ghana, we are frontrunners in the SMEIPP (structural, mechanical, engineering and instrumentation, piping and plate work) construction industry.

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Jersola oversees the complete value chain of infrastructure, mining, and construction projects, beginning with the receipt or creation of construction drawings and continuing through supply, welding, and fabrication, delivery to the construction site of all materials, plant, and equipment, and on-site erection.

2. Micheletti & Construction Ghana Limited

Micheletti Construction Ghana Limited, one of the top five construction companies in Ghana, is a reputable residential and infrastructure construction firm with a strong presence in the country. Established with a rich legacy of achievement, the organization is highly regarded for its exceptional craftsmanship and professional demeanor.

Micheletti is dedicated to providing its consumers with superior construction services. Utilizing cutting-edge technological tools and apparatus, the organization maintains a proficient staff of seasoned experts.

3. New Africa Construction.

New Africa Construction is a Ghana-based construction firm specializing in the execution of expansive construction projects with the assistance of a dedicated and seasoned staff. To efficiently construct residential, commercial, and industrial structures, the organization places emphasis on cutting-edge technology and pioneering approaches.

4. Gapson Company Limited.

Gapson Company Limited, one of the top five construction firms in Ghana, is a Ghana-based firm with offices in both Kumasi and Accra. Gapson Company Ltd. is engaged in the construction of residential properties, as well as plumbing fixtures, painting, tilling, waterproofing, and maintenance.

5. Joshob Construction Limited.

One of the finest construction companies in Ghana, Joshob Construction Limited (ranked among the top five in Accra) has a history of delivering high-quality construction projects on schedule and within budget.

Their team of seasoned builders is well-equipped to manage any form of construction project, as they are proficient in a wide range of construction techniques. You need look no further than Joshob Construction Limited if you are in search of a dependable construction firm.

6. Elzo Construction Company.

Elzo Construction Company is a Ghana and Nigeria-based engineering, architectural, and construction firm. Residential and commercial building construction services are the company’s area of expertise. Elzo Construction Company is a leading construction company in Ghana renowned for its delivery of superior infrastructure projects.

7. Asanduff Construction.

Asanduff Construction is a Ghana-based firm that specializes in renovations, construction, and development. In Ghana, the organization has been engaged in housing construction, infrastructure development, and commercial building initiatives, among others. Additionally, Asanduff Construction is a road construction firm in Ghana that is renowned for its superior craftsmanship and performance.

8. David Walter Limited.

David Walter Limited is widely recognized and considered a pioneering civil engineering enterprise in Ghana. It was established as a Limited Liability Company in 1975 under the registration number 8385.

David Walter has gained significant recognition for his involvement in several noteworthy undertakings, which include the restoration of the Goil Service Station in AkimOda, the construction of the $8 million AU Presidential Houses, and the DFID Steel Bridge.

9. Berock Ventures Limited.

Since 1991, Berock Ventures Limited has operated as a construction firm in Accra. The organisation has achieved favourable outcomes in national and international competitive tendering processes for substantial construction endeavours in Ghana.

The organization’s construction projects for academic establishments, including the UEW Student Center, UPS Administration Block, and KNUST Auditorium and Lecture Theatre, have earned it a reputation for excellence.

10. Dagbon Constructions Limited.

Dagbon Constructions Limited operates in Ghana as a road construction company, specializing in building construction, civil projects, engineering, procurement, and construction services. Residential, commercial, and industrial structure construction constitutes Dagbon Constructions Limited’s area of specialization in Ghana. The company has a history of successfully completing outstanding initiatives on time and within budget.

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The building construction sector in Ghana is experiencing substantial growth, and a multitude of construction firms are adequately equipped to address the nation’s critical real estate and infrastructure development requirements.

The finest construction companies in Ghana and the leading building construction companies in Ghana are recognized for their commitment to sustainability and innovative technology, as well as their track record of delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget. These organizations are your best option, whether you are an investor, developer, or homeowner.

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